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I have a sealed, factory new, never opened, 2000 Round case of FN SS195LF White Box Ammunition LOT06FNB14 (Produced June 2014). These rounds use a 28grain, copper-jacketed, aluminum core hollow point bullet. This production run replaced the SS192 and is loaded hotter. The current Federal production Blue Box SS195LF is a “watered-down” version of the Belgium White Box SS195LF. Velocity of the Blue Box is approximately 200fps less than White Box SS195LF, which is no longer imported into the U.S. due to its penetration capabilities. By purchasing this item, you are stating you are 18+ years old and can legally own this ammunition. Payment accepted via USPS Postal Money Order. Get this ammo while you still can! Located in Atlanta, GA. $1,150 OBO


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