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FS: (3) ProMag 1911 8rd blue mags (GA) - SPF

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I've got (3) 8rd blue ProMag 1911 mags with basepads for sale. They work in 2 out of 3 of my 1911's, so I'm just going to pick up a few other mags until I find more that work in all 3 1911s.

Price: $45 shipped USPS for all 3.

Located: Lawrenceville, GA area. FTF in Metro Atlanta is possible.

EMAIL ONLY PLEASE! I'm posting these on several forums, and it's just too hard to track PMs from my iPhone. Thanks!!

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Re: FS: (3) ProMag 1911 8rd blue mags (GA)

PM sent, since you don't have any email listed. :mrgreen:
Re: FS: (3) ProMag 1911 8rd blue mags (GA)

My bad- I forgot to turn on "allow the world to send you email". Sorry about that!

Email coming to you....

THESE MAGS ARE SPF! Thanks everyone.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts