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or going to space.


The Frog That Photobombed A Rocket Launch

Per NASA, the extraordinary craft launched from Virginia's Wallops Flight Facility. As it did so, a sound-activated camera captured several shots. Each of them recorded the awe, the majesty, the great smoky mess of a rocket launch, but in one frame, something very unusual could be plainly seen: a frog launched into the air, as seen in the image above from NASA.

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The frog may have been in the area, according to NBC News, because the center is outfitted with a "high-volume water deluge system that activates during launches to protect the pad from damage and for noise suppression." The frog, it seems, tried to bounce out of the vicinity when the action started.

The alarming image is entirely genuine, a spokesman for the Wallops Flight Facility confirmed, said NBC. Sharing the image, NASA reported that the ultimate fate of the frog is unknown. Per NBC Washington, Chris Perry was the man who put the camera in its position, and he reportedly stated that the creature looks so big because of its distance from the camera relative to the rocket: It was around 50 feet from the camera, according to him, while the rocket was three times that distance away.
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