Free gun locks offered to Virginians

Discussion in 'In the News' started by VolGrad, Oct 30, 2007.

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    I was glad to see the article didn't claim the gun locks were the reason for the stat outlined in RED below.

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    Available in Georgia

    Many law enforcement agencies in Georgia have a case of these locks to distribute, free, to the public. They're cheap little laminated padlocks with a vinyl-coated steel cable about 10" long instead of a regular hasp. The same type of lock that often comes with a new firearm. They are probably made in China for a net cost of $2 each. But if used correctly, they can not only disable a gun but also secure it from theft by attaching the firearm to an eye-bolt that is screwed into a wall stud, or looped around some sturdy piece of furniture.

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    I was travelling and had to go somewhere that I couldn't carry. I used one to lock my PPK/S to the pipes under the bathroom sink in my hotel room.
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    Re: Available in Georgia

    I recently lost the key for the factory lock I had on my Mossberg. It took me all of 20 seconds to break the cable in half with two pair of pliers (after I spent 30 minutes looking for the pliers.) I'm sure I could have snapped it with one strike from a hammer and a chisel but I couldn't find any chisels in the basement. The lock would have been an adequate deterrent for anyone that wished it not to be known that they had opened the lock, or who was unprepared or unwilling to force through it.
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    Uh Shari... That would be approximately HOW MANY seconds?????

    Five? 50? 500?

    That does make a difference ya know... A BIG :censored: difference!

    I have guns in the house and I have grandchildren who frequently visit. One gun is always loaded and accessible. I am positive my grandkids are not in any danger from it or any other gun I own. I like my guns, but I love my grandkids and there's no way in hell I would allow them to be placed in even the slightest jeopardy by my guns. I'm sure every parent and grandparent on this forum feels exactly the same and, like me, will take whatever actions are necessary to ensure that.
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    Wow! :x I have one like that on my S&W M&P .38 special. :oops: My wife made me get locks for all the guns about 3 years ago. They were all unlocked before that time!