Free/ Discounted Gun Range Passes on Boy Scout Camp Card

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    My Boy Scouts are once again selling Boy Scout Discount Cards (Camp Cards)

    The Camp Cards sale for only $5 each and include a variety of discounts. They have 4 different cards, representing 4 different counties, Fayette, Spalding, Coweta & Henry. I have a limited number of Spalding (4) & Coweta (7) Cards left. I will attach pics of each one so you can see the various discounts. My apologies for the orientation of the pics. I could not get them to display right side up.

    How do I get Free/ Discounted Range Passes? We are grateful for all of our sponsors on our Scout Camp Card. This year, we have a gun range on each of these cards. The gun range coupons are a one time use, so buy plenty now to get through 2018. The cards are good until the end of 2018.

    - Autrey's Armory- Fayette Camp Card- Autrey's has given us a Free Range Pass coupon. This is a $12 value on our card that we sell for only $5.

    - American Heritage- Henry County Camp Card- $10 to Shoot All Day. It specifically mentions that it includes eyes, ears & free gun rental (exc full auto). Ammo & targets would be extras

    - Atlanta Range & Ordnance- Coweta Camp Card- $5 Off Range Fee.

    - Full Blown Firearms- Spalding Camp Card- $10 All Day Range Rental. This includes eyes/ ears.

    All of the Camp Cards also offer $5 off at Great Clips & $5 off at Home Depot. Spalding & Henry include $5 Off at Ingles. Fayette has Buy 6/ Get 6 Donuts. These are one time use coupons. On the back of each card are about a dozen different offers within the county that are reusable discounts until the end of the year. (Disclaimer- Great Clips coupon is good until July 31.)

    All proceeds will go to send Scouts to camp. Their goal is 200 cards each, which earns Camp Scholarship also. You can pay via paypal, just PM me & send as Friends & Family on paypal. I'll take care of the postage to mail it to you. Stock up on them now to get you through the end of the year.

    These are an incredible deal for only $5. Our school athletic teams sell a similar a card for $40.
    20180314_001955.jpg 20180314_002006.jpg 20180314_001944.jpg 20180314_001931.jpg
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    And we appreciate your support. If you find that you need more, or another county, my son has plenty.
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    Bump... We still have Boy Scout Discount Cards with discounts for South Metro Atlanta Counties- only $5 for each card.
    Fayette- Free Range Pass for Autreys Armory
    Henry- $10 to shoot all day @ American Heritage (inc. eyes, ears & rental guns)
    Coweta- $5 off range fee @ Atlanta Range & Ordnance
    Spalding- $10 to shoot all day @ Full Blown Firearms (inc. eyes & ears)

    Each card also includes many other discounts within their respective counties. This could be a great way to take a new shooter to the range and support our Boy Scouts at the same time.