France bans citizen journalists from reporting violence

Discussion in 'In the News' started by USMC - Retired, Mar 7, 2007.

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    Yet more proof of how once the right of the people to keep and bear arms has been destroyed, other fundamental rights soon follow.
  2. You said France, right? Well, there ya go. Given the uproar from the poor and students over the last year or so invloving the lack of work there, it is no wonder.

    Seems only fitting they would go ahead and curtail freedoms of speech even further. Damn French. :shakehead:

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    I'd love to visit France & see the sites. But I just don't know. That is absolutely nutz.
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    I am sure you can see a lot of cars burning in the street from the top of the Eiffel Tower.
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    Been there done that, didn't like it at all!!!!!!

    I had to go to France for a business trip during rutt (best part of deer season) first two weeks in November 2006. The plant I had to go to was in a small town called Anse. I did a google before I went and found that 40% of the population of Anse is Muslim. I went with 4 other engineers from our facility in Lawrenceville. 3 of us are fairly big guys (200lbs-270lbs 6'-6'4" tall) we all played football or wrestled in highschool or college. Anyway we went to a greek hole in the wall restauraunt and it was so small that we took up 2 tables and there wasn't room to walk around. This little place had some awsome food, anyway we where enjoying the food a fellowship when I noticed after about thirty minute there was a crowd of about 20 young men gathering in that tiny place. I decided to ask the owner what was going on and he let me know that this place was a local hangout for Muslim young men and they where getting upset because of the infidel americans takeing up their space. We decided not to be intemmidated so we finished our dinner, a couple of young men decided they would see what we would do and they came up to the table and said a few words we couldn't understand and started waving their arms at us, we ignored them and when we finished we all stood up at the same time and looked down on these punks and walked right through the crowd. It seems they just didn't have enough grit to do anything but piss in their pants. Sorry for the long post, but France is not a place I want to go back to. :minigun: :cantsay:
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    Hey TJ2000:

    I loved the post. Even the Muslims in France turn into wimps. Must be the wine or the food or something...

    I wish I could seen the looks on their faces when you guys stood up and towered over them. Great story.
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    The only things the French ever did right is find a way to kiss, make wine (kinda) and cook fried potatoes.