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Discussion in 'Places Off-Limits' started by Bags57, Dec 27, 2005.

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    I've never been to the Fox but I'm going to see the Nutcracker this week. Is the Fox off limits?

  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    The short answer is going to be that nobody knows. Is a theater a public gathering or not?

    You will get different opinions even from the people here. I will confess that I do not have any idea, although I have carried discretely at the Fox, mostly due to having to walk in the adjacent streets both before and after the show.

    This is why we need "public gathering" removed from the law and not just restaraunts that serve alcohol.

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    I agree on the need to remove the "public gathering" issue from our carry law. I used to think that GA was one of the better states regarding gun ownership and the ability to carry guns for personal defense. In the last year I have realized just how ignorant I was.
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    Alcohol by the drink...

    I've been to performances at The Fox where they sold alcohol by the drink. I'm not sure they do at all events, but I expect they do for any "grown up" productions. So, that would make packing a no-no, right?

    BTW, I've read somewhere that movie theaters are not considered public gatherings as admission is charged (the logic being that you are paying to see the movie, not gathering as a group); therefore, movies are legal - save any that serve alcohol (Buckhead Backlot, the one on Roswell Rd. in Sandy Springs that used to be Sandy Springs Parkside, etc.). Therefore, if alcohol were not served, I'd think The Fox would be OK.

    Attach usual disaclaimer here; I'm not a lawyer, etc..

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    Re: Alcohol by the drink...

    That's the way I have heard it put by a few LEO's working security at the theater I used to work at. One in particular was familiar with the AG opinion on public gatherings and said that the focus has to be on the event or function that the public is gathering for. Since a movie (by his own opinion) was not an event or function and the theater was only providing a service, it did not constitute a gathering of the public. It was also negated by the fact that admission was charged to get it, thus the public could not gather anyway since you had to have a ticket to even get inside the theater.
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    First let me say that the fact that this is even being debated shows how piss poor the law really is.

    Back to the point, nothing says charging admission negates a public gathering charge. I have been to many baseball, football and basketball games that did charge admission. As we know a sporting event is a public gathering, regardless of whether admission was charged or not.

    A political fundraiser would be off limits as a public gathering even if it was a $2000 a plate dinner.

    A bar is off limits whether free or a $20 door charge.

    When compairing them, charging admission seems to make absolutely no difference to the PG law.

    As for a theater not being an event or function but a service...
    A church is private property, you are attending what is openly called a service, yet it is a public gathering.

    Last thing is just to compare what goes on in each that possibly makes them a public gathering:
    Church - many religiously charged people typically gathered close togther in a large room
    Sporting event - many paternally(or maternally) charged people gathered closely together in a large room or outside
    Consumption of Alcohol - some people become easily aggrivated when drunk in what can be a very large number of people crammed into a small place
    Publicly owned or operated buildings - If you haven't gotten extreamly frustrated with a city, county, or state beaurocrat, you live under a rock or are not old enough to buy a gun(or vote). Therefore where they work is off-limits.
    Political functions - see publicly owned or operated building's reason

    So a theater could be because many people are crammed together into one room, or you could say that a particular event or fuction is not big enough/emotional enough to be a public gathering.

    To me, a half empty theater is not a public gathering. After that, the more people, the more it is probably a public gathering.

    Anyway, that is the way I see it. Of coarse IANAL.
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    I've never been the Fox when alcohol was not being sold for consumption on the premises.

    I don't think what a court would find to be a public gathering is very predictable, given past decisions.
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    I heard that Obama is going to be at the Fox Theater. Keep hearing these radio ads that the Fox will present the Ly'ing King.
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    Now THAT's bring back an old thread, but interesting to see how far our rights have come since 05'
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    Man..there has been a lot of necro-posting today. Is this what happens around here when the legislature is out of session?

    Perhaps there should be a lock on threads that are, oh I don't know...OLDER THAN 9 YEARS!!?!?
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    Got to do something with all this Zombie ammo I have stored up. Use it on Zombie threads.