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    My son is almost 12. He has been hunting deer with his youth 20GA. I would like to give him a .243, but I am not 100% sure about the best choice for him (I am not a up to speed with current models).
    He is left handed and since is younger brother is right handed, this is going to be either a rifle that he will be able to keep for a long time (adjustable/replaceable stock?) or something that we will have to sell when he outgrows it.

    Please let me know if you have anything that you would like to sell.
    I live in Atlanta but I do not mind driving if time allows.

    Open to suggestions for a new one as well :)
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  2. tsangster

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    May want to take a look at Savage Trophy Hunter or Axis. I've been pleased with my left hand Trophy Hunter in 7mm-08. The Axis comes in youth model. Can likely find either for $500 or less new.

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    I have a youth NEF .243 that converts to a .270. It has two stocks (youth and regular) and two barrels (.243 and .270). I think the .243 barrel has a scope on it. We don't use it any more, so I would be interested in selling. I live in Cumming and work in Norcross.
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    If it's a rifle he's going to keep a long time then get him a lever-action Winchester model 94 30-30, or a Marlin or even a Henry rifle. If you keep these in good shape you'll always make your moeny back.