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Discussion in 'Weapons' started by Glockenator, Jan 12, 2018.

  1. Glockenator

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    I've been looking for a machete to keep in my back floorboard, and found a great one today. I spend a good bit of time in the woods hiking, camping and taking my old 2wd 4Runner places it should not go (that thing utterly amazes me offroad). A machete can come in real handy while doing those things. Plus, it makes a fearsome weapon. Might come in handy if ammo runs out or defense needs to be accomplished quietly.

    I am not easily impressed by the vast majority of edged weapons, but this thing is really nice.

    Machete handle.jpg

    1) Proper heft for a swinging tool. Excellent balance.
    2) Comes with a great edge. Most edged tools need sharpening right out of the package (except for Spyderco and Mora knives, which don't). Neither does this one.
    3) No saw on the back. I despise those, since they are generally worthless as a saw, and they destroy sheaths.
    4) Price. $15.98 at the evil orange empire.
    5) Very comfortable and functional handle.
    6) Holes in blade and handle for hanging it on a wall and adding a cord loop to the handle.

    1) No sheath. I ended up making one. PITA to do, but I like making stuff in my workshop.

    This is the first machete I have ever bought that I am really pleased with.
  2. gunsmoker

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    It looks like a 22” blade model in the pic.
    It that the one you got?
    I prefer 18” machetes, and would even go for 16” if the blade were thicker to give the same kinetic energy per blow.

  3. Glockenator

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    Yes, it is 22". What stinks is that the package doesn't indicate the blade length, and without buggering up the package but pulling it out, you can't even see the blade. If I had a choice, I probably would have picked 18", but this length works great and the balance in a swing is just about perfect. It delivers a lot of energy, and made mincemeat of pine limbs in my back yard.
  4. Smilodon

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    That is decent looking. I have machetes of all sizes and prefer the longer ones. I am partial to Imacasa and other Central and South American made machetes. The people in those regions have a lot of experience using and designing machetes.

    BudK over in Moultrie sometimes has them on sale bogo. Currently they have a 18" Gavilan on special.

    I picked up a heavy 18" Tramontina at Lowes a while back.
  5. gunsmoker

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    I've tried many machetes, but I prefer the U.S.G.I. style from Ontario Knife Co.
    18" blade with plain plastic handle riveted-on. It's a heavy blade, and good for chopping fresh wood, even hardwood, up to maybe 5" thick.
    (It can do more, but I said it's "good" for up to 5" thickness. For over that, it's probably just "adequate" or "will serve in a pinch.")

    If this machete is not perfect, I'd say the only imperfection is the formula of plastic used in the handle. It can get brittle with age and abuse, and I've had two of them crack or split over the years. I'd also like to see a dedicated right-hand-only grip for it, with a thumb rest.
  6. ed4

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    Gunsmoker I have one of those OKC U.S.G.I machetes, looks like the one in you're link. It came with the plastic sheath like the one in the link.

    One thing I don't get is the guy doing the review adding a sharpening stone, if you look at the opening there is a sharpener that folds into the blade to sharpen as it's being removed. That sharpener seems to work fine on mine.
  7. johnski

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    That looks good. I have a Cold Steel Gladius "machete". Thing came razor sharp.