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[MP, I assume the author, Mr, Borelli, meant that the student found a cartridge, as I soubt these particular school administrators could have identified an expelled projectile by sight]


Student in trouble after finding bullet
Henry Hernandez found a bullet on his school bus, and then ended up in trouble

Posted: 10/07/2005 04:29 pm
Last Updated: 10/07/2005 08:47 pm

Story filed by NewsCenter16 Reporter
Robert Borrelli

Michigan City, IN - After a Michigan City middle school student found a bullet on-board his bus, he thought he might get a thank you. Instead, Henry Hernandez’s family says he was nearly kicked out of school.

Unexpected discovery
Tuesday morning while riding to school, 14-year-old Hernandez found a bullet on the floor of his bus.

He thought he did the right thing by turning it in.

Hernandez is a Barker Middle School 8th grader, whose parents are happy with what he did.

His mother, Constance Rightsell, says, "I'm very proud of him for picking up the bullet and taking it to an adult."

Hernandez says he tried to give the bullet to the bus driver and a substitute teacher, and he finally gave it to an administrator.

Hernandez’s parents say that Michigan City schools originally wanted to expel their son, but instead settled on a three-day suspension. A court hearing Thursday added another five days in an after-school detention program. But, his parents say he shouldn't be punished at all.

Hernandez explains, "I tried to do something right but then it came out as a suspension."

Rightsell says, "How can he be punished when he did a good thing?"

Hernandez's mom says school officials didn't investigate where the bullet came from, but instead focused on punishing Hernandez.

Rightsell says, "They didn't search the lockers, they didn't search the students immediately, which should have been done.â€

Hernandez has attention-deficit-hyperactivity disorder, or ADHD and he was suspended from school for a time last year.

Hernandez’s father, Gary Rightsell, says, "And now he has something on his record that I will fight all the way to the top to have taken off."

Constance Rightsell adds, "Everyone needs to fight for their children and that's what we're doing."

No comment
Michigan City school officials say they can't comment on the situation because it involves student privacy.

Hernandez’s parents say they've contacted an attorney and intend on doing what they can to clear his name.

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Just another example of zero tolerance = zero intelligence.

How stupid can these people be? There was another case recently of a kid finding a gun and turning it is and getting expelled! What is wrong with school administrations these days? Just when you think you've seen the most stupid, someone comes along and does it one better!

And to think, we entrust our kids to them. Now, that's scary...!
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