Former Georgia Gov. Zell Miller dies at age 86

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    The Miller Foundation posted the following letter on their website:

    “Miller Institute Foundation CEO Bryan Miller announced today that former Georgia Governor and U.S. Senator Zell Miller has died after being treated for Parkinson’s Disease. Governor Miller was 86 years old. He passed away peacefully at his home with family by his side.
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    I remember standing in line for him to autograph his book with my son years ago. My son wanted to know where his security people were. I explained that everyone liked Zell.

    His book described the behavior of his fellow US Senators on a daily rummage for lobbyist money. The day's Senate schedule was often (re)arranged based on which lobbyists were in the building that day.

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    He may have been a nice fellow, but I was wondering if he had ever pushed for the repeal of the "public gathering" firearms law. Maybe he wasn't even aware of it, who knows?
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    Before GCO came along to point out that Georgia had more places off limits to carrying a firearm than any other state, the "common knowledge" was that Georgia was a very "Second Amendment friendly" state. It was an uphill battle for GCO to educate the public and politicians with respect to how untrue the common knowledge was in reality. It is an uncomfortable process to change your opinion of what you think you know.
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    I met him once several years ago. We were coming back from picking up my GS from Charlotte along Highway 64 in North Carolina. Stopped at a restaurant eating outside on the front porch with our Papillons. He came out and chatted with me about the dogs waiting for his wife to come out. I addressed him as "Governor" which brought a big grin to his face. They left, his wife driving their pickup. Seemd like a nice old man.