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Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Brian618, Aug 25, 2007.

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    My wife-to-be was a vehement anti when we met, but I have been slowly chipping away at that. She is a very intelligent gal and is well versed in logic and rhetoric so just by showing her the fallacious arguements used by the Brady's and their like, she is slowly forming her own opinion and is seriously thinking about buying her own gun,

    I sent her the link to Maureen Downey's oped piece on Parks and guns and she sent this reply back.

    I think she is starting to come around :D I may even get her to join CGO soon.
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    I can completely share in your sense of pride in seeing that.

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    I think your wife made some good points, many of which echo the letter I wrote and posted in another thread. America has some anti's and some pro's, but the vast majority of the population are somewhere in the middle. They have never been around guns and likely never faced the threat of violence or crime. To these folks either camp seems extreme. These are the ones we need to appeal to with facts and reason.
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    Unfortunately, with people today, I don't believe facts and reason will be enough to win the vast center to our side. As much as I hate it, I believe we will have to become as good as the antis at tugging on the emotions. Facts and figures and reason and logic are great and for some, they are exactly the weapons that will be the most effective. But until we can emotionally convince people that bad things don't just happen to others, they will dismiss all reason as inapplicable to them in their situation.