Formal Letter to the NRA Addressing Georgia Probate Judges

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  1. I would like to raise the idea that our members approach the NRA through a formal letter, regarding the seemingly steady disregard for the law that Georgia State Probate Judges have concerning the issuance of GFL's. Georgia may very well be losing its status as a Shall Issue State, slowly but surely, which affects us all, including future members of, future GFL hopefuls in general, and also all legal gun owners of this state.

    I suggest that those here with an intimate knowledge of GA Gun Laws determine the content of this letter, and that other members help in any way possible with the writing of this letter and any other suggestions toward its completion. I am new here, and far less knowledgeable regarding GA gun laws than many of you, (learning everyday) but I am a professional writer, and would be more than willing to lend myself to this effort, should the majority of GAP's members decide that this is a viable idea.

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    I don't have a lot of confidence in the NRA doing anything since the "shall VS may issue" isn't their pet project anymore.

    They are more concerned with "katrina" legislation and closing the mythical "gun show loophole" these days. Maybe one day their agenda will line up with our needs and something will get done. Until then, I am confident that our pleas would fall on deaf ears.

    That's why I'm not an NRA member, in a nutshell.

  3. You very well may be right, but it might be worth a try. Perhaps a letter to a congress/senate representative that may be sympathetic to this issue?

    Any suggestions? Gunstar1, MP~?
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    You're right. We've got nothing to lose by at least trying to get through to them.
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    The GOA is the Pit Bull of the pro-gun groups.
    NRA is the little toy poodle that runs in circles and pees on the floor.
  6. Like I said to my wife two years ago when she suggested to me that we buy a Cocker Spaniel, "I love you, but ya gotta be kidding me!" I bought two Bullmastiff pups instead. Best damn dogs I have ever owned.

    Okay, the GOA. I will do some research regarding them. Anyone have any contacts there?
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  8. I have contacted the GOA. I have also begun contacting Senators and Representatives, given to me by GOA, that I hope will be sympathetic to our concerns. If/when they respond, I will begin posting their responses, as well as my original letter.
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    I agree with mzmtg, we need to do what we can. There's no way of knowing if something will help until we try it.
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    I second what Molon Labe said. I have nothing against the NRA, but if you run a search here, you will see that they were already petitioned by a LOT of the forum users here (back before you started contributing), NRA members, and they responded, finally, that they were taking no action.

    I think the NRA is much better at National issues, and their own priorities that they enact in various states.

    Local issues that do not have a lot of nationwide appeal, like Georgia's probate court issues, do not mean much to their 3.5 million members. They have a different focus.

    On the other hand, GCO:

    Already has the 60 day issue in the Georgia Court of Appeals

    Forced the state to drop its SSN and employment information requirements to apply for a license, and

    has already forced three probate courts to issue temporary licenses.

    This is all in addition to the General Assembly activity and urging localities to drop their gun bans.

    GCO is Georgia specific, and we are woeking on the issues that affect Georgians, not the issues that gain attention for a national audience. AND we could use your help, if you are all really as fired up as this thread seems to indicate. And we could use your friend's help, and your acquaintances, and family, and co-workers, strangers with whom you strike up a conversation . . .

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    While I agree with this in principle, I believe that it is not practical.

    Focused energy from local/state level organizations (GCO) would be, and has been, more successful.
  13. I appreciate the participation concerning this topic, and most certainly am willing to help in whatever small way I may. The CGO does sound like it would be better suited to address this issue.

    It's good to know that the CGO already has the 60 day issue in the Georgia Court of Appeals, although, I was asked for my SSN and employment information requirements when I applied for my GFL license on Jan 31st 2007.

    So, the GFL forms of at least Hall County are still not within the law. And I have read in this forum some probate judges are still not issuing temporary licenses. More work needs to be done in these areas.

    Georgia specific is indeed what we need. I truly appreciate all the info and advice. :) I will spread the word and continue to contact those local Representatives that I know personally regarding these issues.
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    I am going to have to respond to was a great praise with a little critique, it is GCO - Inc.
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    One of thoughts I had was to send a copy of the brief filed, a copy of the code section in 'dispute' to every State Representitve and Senator in Georgia.

    And ask them if they thought it was right and proper that local, county, Probate Judges, who have no legal education requirements, and no legislative or judicial powers can administratively overrule the State General Assembly i.e, them.

    While the NRA, GOA, etc. are fine organizations, they are national in scope. This is a local and state problem. If the state legislators recieved one or more letters from their constiuents asking the question it may make them get a little angry with the Probate Judges. And solve these problems (60day and SSN) for us.

    And it should not be done by email or fax but hard paper, with a stamp. If every member of GeorgiaCarry did it I think it might cause a stir under the Gold Dome.

    If GeorgiaCarry could gather the items into a pdf file....
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    Wiley, I like that idea.