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Forest Park Gun Show

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GCO needs a coordinator for the Forest Park (south of Atlanta) gun show on Sept. 8-9.
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I suggest butter handle it.

He has experience and did a great job at the last one! I suggest we make him permanent gun show coordinator for all gun shows.

All in favor?


The ayes have it. Butter it is!!!

I'll even volunteer to work the table... again!
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budder said:
Malum Prohibitum said:
You're volunteering Ramm?
Uh... actually, butter..... I think it looks more like you than Ramm.

This looks more like Ramm. :snore: At least, until mid-afternoon...

:rotfl2: :pointlol: =D>
I can't make it on Saturday as I'm going with grandson to some kinda all-day boy scout crapathon...

But, I should be available on Sunday (eventhough I haven't checked with Her Highness yet...)

Just let me know when I should put in an appearance and I'll be there.

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed the same five or six dedicated, overworked, stupid GCO members are covering all of the shows in and around Atlanta?

It's really not that difficult. Honest. MP's six-year-old son can do it (actually, better than most of us), so anyone who visits this forum should be able to handle the job.

Ask the nice people if they have a GFL...

Ask if they have any questions about where they can carry...

Direct them to the website...

Mention they can join our wonderful organization right there and right then for about the cost of a box of ammo...

Hand them a blank application and take the money...

See! It's easy. You can do it. Honest you can!!!

So, what'r youse waiting fur? Volunteer to work the table this weekend.


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Hey Guys and Guyettes:

Maybe I'm misreading the schedule, but it looks like I'm signed up for all day Sunday. Much as I love GCO, I'm not sure I can do that. More importantly, I'm not sure my lovely wife would put up with that!


A couple of hours, even three or four hours, but all day???

Ah don' tink so!

Anybody else available to take on some of the load?

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ahlongslide said:
I won't be able to come. :cry:

...and after all that whining I did....
You call that whining?

Obviously, you haven't read many posts by butters and Ramm...

It was slow today as well. Between opening and 2:00 pm, we signed up a grand total of two people!

However, my relief showed up at that time and, as Eddie is our Number One Salesperson, I'm sure things picked up after that...!

We talked to lots of people, pretty much everyone who walked past the table, and handed out many cards and info sheets. I believe some of them will sign up on-line after viewing the website.



Well, it is possible... I :idea: think......

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Yeah Chris, I'm sure you're just kidding...

Obviously, you spent way too much time talking to Wiley!
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