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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by kestak, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. kestak

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    I am beginning to reload and I am curious.

    1 - Where do you buy your bullets?
    2 - Where do you buy your primers and Powder?

    Thank you
  2. ptsmith24

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    I am not into reloading, yet. Have you sent your 03 FFL to Midway or grafs and sons? Grafs offers discounts and I believe Midway does, as well. Just thought I'd let you know.

    For grafs, there's a dealer login button at the top of the page. They will give you the password when they get your FFL. I'm still waiting on Midway to get mine. I may have to send that one again.

  3. Cavediver

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    I've bought bullets from Midway, Ghost Holster, and Precision Bullets.
    So far I've purchased powder and primers locally (Bullseye in Lawrenceville). After I use the 1,000 primers I just bought, I will be placing a large order from Powder Valley.

    When companies ship powder or primers, there is usually a $20 Haz-Mat fee tacked on to the regular shipping cost. I need to order nearly 5,000 primers to break even, 10,000 if I want to start saving over local purchases. If I can get a couple of people to split an order (and the Haz-Mat fee), it's better for everyone involved.
  4. JiG

    JiG Awaiting censure

    I buy powder and primers locally.

    I have bought bullets from Midway and NPS. NPS has great prices on .45 JHP. Midway is about the best for Oregon Trail RNFP for my .45 colt.
  5. viper32cm

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    I buy bullets from Cabela's and Midway.

    Primers and powder I buy locally. I bought a pound of bullseye and 1000 small pistol primers from the gun store near the Farmer's Market in Forrest Park (the name escapes me).