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  1. fox

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    So one of my favorite gun shops in Macon now has multiple signs at the entrance saying "For insurance purposes, loaded weapons are no longer allowed to be brought into the store unless carried by law enforcement officers." Is this legit? This is the second time I've seen a sign of this nature. The first time it wasn't even at a gun shop. Could it really be for insurance reasons or is this a BS way of saying "we support the second amendment by selling firearms but chose to violate the same amendment by not allowing legally licensed civilians to carry here"?
  2. cpelliott

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    It could be their way of saying that the rule isn't their idea, so they might not enforce it.

  3. phantoms

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    Ask them who their insurance company is and get to the bottom of it. It could be their insurance agent has advised them that if they post a no weapons sign, they'll get a better rate. It could be that they're trying to hide behind the insurance excuse.

    I think one of the things we as Georgians should push for during the next session is disallowing insurance companies (or other entities) to adjust rates based on a company's carry policy. An insurance company should not be allowed to influence a fundamental right.
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    I agree, try to find out. I think its them trying to hide behind insurance. What shop is this so I can not go there anymore. I would guess eagle?
  5. gsusnake

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    I'm curious to find out which one as well, as I'm looking to buy soon here and don't want to support someone who doesn't support lawful carry.
  6. MWAG

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    now you're gettin' it..............
  7. Wolfram

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    If you search around, there are several stores that have signs that say they don't allow loaded weapons to be carried in their store. They may all reference a different reason for not allowing carry, but ultimately it ends up with you unarmed.
  8. fox

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    Not Eagle. They are very carry friendly and encourage it. The shop is Firearms Traders on Pio Nono right across from the Gold Cup bowling alley. Good people in there, nice selection, decent prices. I've bought from them before and they'll negotiate on the price a little. I usually go in there about once a week and have OC'd there plenty of times with not a second look, even when there have been a handful of Macon PD in there. But, last Thursday I stopped in to look at ammo and holsters and saw the new sign.
  9. fox

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    It's Firearms Traders on Pio Nono. Try looking at Howards Gun and Pawn on Mercer University Dr. They are very carry friendly, have a good selection of new and used guns and they have very good prices. They will usually knock another $30-40 off the price on the tag. I've bought 3 guns from them, one of them the owner dropped $55 off his price. I will continue to go to them first when in the market for a new weapon.
  10. budder

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    For some reason, I thought insurance companies were expressly prohibited from those policies, but this is all I could find:
    § 33-24-30.1. Prohibition of denial of coverage because of carriage of firearms on property
    No policy of insurance issued or delivered in this state covering any loss, damage, expense, or liability shall exclude or deny coverage because the insured, members of the insured's family, or employees of the insured will keep or carry in a lawful manner firearms on the property or premises of the insured.

    Guess not.