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No 3rd gen vs 4th gen discussion here please. This is only meant to help 4th gen G17 owners.

New spring info. I must be the first person to confirm the existence of a 3rd spring "fix" for the 4th Gen G17. I had heard of it metioned on GLocktalk but it was never confirmed or seen. The first glock spring was the unmarked, or "01" spring, then came the reduced power "02" spring. I called glock to inquire about these new spring assemblies and if I should get one or not. The tech was happy to send me the new spring to try(only had to wait on hold for 30 minutes... oh well)

I was expecting the reduced power but otherwise identical "02" spring assembly. What i got was a completely new assembly marked "012" and I am stoked about what it is!!!!! :righton:

Although i was not having any performance problems, the original 01 spring was sometimes very hard to remove from the slide, and i could visibly see the spring shifting around inside the slide, because the original design is simply a spring sitting against the flat face of the slide, its free to slide around a bit. This causes it to hang up when removing, and on occasion, i could feel the spring get hung up in the last 1/8" of slide travel. It didnt hurt performance, but it was unsettling. I have seen images that seemed to indicate glock started to counterbore the hole on the slide to keep the spring from moving around like I experienced. But i also heard reports that new G17s were still shipping without the counterbore.

Glock has killed 2 birds with 1 stone with the "012" spring. It is reduced power from the original spring just like the "02" was, but they also designed a brand new metal "insert" at the end of the spring that fits into the hole in the slide and prevents the spring from sliding around. Finally, thats using your head glock!! The end on the spring is just a great idea and should have been the original design if you ask me.

Original unmarked spring
Big spring = 20 turns
Small spring up to collar= 14 turns

"012" Spring
Big spring = 17 turns
Small spring up to collar= 12 turns

New spring is on the top. Note the new insert / alignment guide / keeper or whatever you want to call it at the front of the new spring. It really works to keep the spring aligned and does the same thing as a counterbore on the slide itself, clever fix if you ask me. No more disassembly problems or spring getting bunched up at the end of the slide travel, im a happy camper.

Maybe that helps somebody out. If youre having issues with your 4th Gen G17 brave the phone wait and call glock, theyll get you all set.
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