Flying to Wisconsin! Steps needed?

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    Well im flying to WI this weekend to see my girlfriends grandmother that isnt doing so well. work would not let me go early so the g/f is driving up thursday and im flying up saturday morning and driving back with her. Im trying to find something on boarding laws for tsa. I see some people saying you just check it in with the factory case. Im also wondering if i could carry the firearm in the luggage to her rents house just the way it comes off the plane in the luggage without WI PD getting pissed. I really just want it for the multi state trip back. (which alot of the states honors the permit). Anyone ever flew from here to MKE?
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    Have not flown to WI. I did fly from Wichita KS to Columbus GA. I checked in at the counter, informed the person that I was declaring a firearm and ammo, the person did not even look up. I was directed to drop my bags at the TSA and to wait while they screened my bags. Ammo can not be in the same luggage as the firearm per AirTran website. My experience was very positive-good luck.

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    Everything you need to know about how to pack your pistol and what to do at the airport is in that thread. :righton:
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    All the time. I'm originally from WI.

    Make sure you check both the TSA regulations for flying and the airline you are flying on.

    Hartsfield is the suckiest airport I have ever had to check a gun in at. I fly coast to coast and north to south and this place is the worst. Everybody at the airport from the airline desk jockeys to the TSA folks will tell you something different. I print out the regs and bring a copy with.