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The best deals at auctions come near the middle (lunch or food break) and near the end. It's not unusual for items to sell high at the opening. People are fresh and flush with funds at the start. Still have funds left but getting tired and hungry near lunch time in the middle of the auction. Most serious and early buyers are getting low on funds, fatigued and are more conservative near the end. I'm not saying to not go early because the great deal can happen at any point. Just make sure to get plenty of rest the day before and watch for the deal instead of trying to make it happen. Stand back and watch the bidding and if it looks like it is going to sell at a good price wait until just before the sold call to jump into bid frenzy. By doing this you save your energy and weed out most of the others bidders. Usually only one will be left and taken by surprise when their win has been taken just under the wire. Hesitation on their part works in your favor.
1 - 1 of 21 Posts
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