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"We certainly don't want everyone to be drawing weapons."

Ok, this is really a defensive use of a gun story, but the cop makes an idiotic statement.

Robber enters. Storeowner and robber are struggling on ground over pistol. Wife of storeowner, seeing pistol aimed at her husband, uses the store gun to try and shoot the robber. She misses and he flees. Husband is ok.

"I've never even fired a gun before. But when I saw the gun pointing at my husband, I didn't waste any time," she said.

. . .

City police said the Deens will not be charged.

Although it is self-defense, Assistant Chief Chip Simmons said the Pensacola Police Department does not encourage this type of behavior.

"We certainly don't want everyone to be drawing weapons," Simmons said. ... /609230323

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I have to say that the couple aren't that bright either if they own a store, have a gun for defending themselves, and she has never shot it before. That is just dumb. If she had killed an innocent bystander with her inexperienced shooting I'm sure we'd all be cursing her for making the rest of us look bad.

I agree that the cop was preaching out of his authority, and preaching a dumb position as well, but this man and woman were pretty dumb to have the gun on the premise and not have her learn how to use it ahead of time as well.

Even though my wife doesn't own a gun of her own (yet) and the XD is my gun, I have definately taken her to the range many times to teach her how to shoot it, just in case she ever needs to do it. Everyone else who owns a gun should do the same thing.
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