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EJR914 said:
David Codrea picked it up:

Florida school board shooting shows failure of ‘gun control’ on multiple counts

Superintendent Bill Husfelt, who acted bravely, albeit futilely, had time to say “Please don’t†before assailant Duke opened fire. The rest had to resign themselves to diving for cover in terror.

Why? Isn’t Florida one of those states with “shall issue†concealed carry and a “stand your ground†law deemed so radically dangerous by the anti-gunners that the Brady Campaign harassed arriving passengers at Miami International Airport, warning them to be wary of “nervous or frightened residents†who might initiate violence against them in a dispute because of the state’s “Shoot First Law�

Yes it is. But that’s trumpedâ€"at least in the eyes of the Bay District Schools boardâ€"by policy:

[quote:2jxshmwt]In accordance with the Gun-Free School Zones Act of 1990, employees of the District, parents of students, and visitors (with the exception of law enforcement officers) shall not possess, discharge or attempt to discharge a weapon as described in School Board Policy 7.203 on any facilities or real or personal property owned by the School Board. An employee, parent or visitor in violation of this policy shall be referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution. ... ple-counts

Great article on the futility of gun control to stop criminals from killing or attempting to kill innocent people in a "Gun-Free Zone." I like to call them "Victim-Rich Environments."[/quote:2jxshmwt]

One thing I find interesting in the quote about the school board policy is that it says anyone caught violating the policy will be "referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution." It does not say they will be prosecuted for sure. It says "possible".
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