Florida Broad Shooting

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    The comedians will have a field day with this one. Was the one board memeber shot or did he think he was? For all of the GCO members and especially LE and instructors there is a lot to be learned here by watching this video.

    Some people took cover but did not seek to move to cover again and then right out the door. If he would have started to shoot everyone in the room those people would have died in that one spot.

    From the camera I could not tell how big the room was but I would have been on a 100mph crawl out the door or up on my feet headed to the door with the quickness I would have not waited for his permission to leave.

    Some of you may say he might have shot someone trying to leave however, you all have heard that a moving target is hard to hit. It's true make him track you. MOVE!

    Even the broad memebers not all had a chance to run out of there. He has the weapon down at his side looking around if I had have been on the other end of the table I would have been out of there. Fear can overwhelm you, but you have to snap out of it.

    Some people fear gets them going into the fight. If we look at the one lady who came up from behind the guy and used her purse. She did a lot better than the home owner who had a gun and confronted the two burglars, her weapon of opprotunity was not lethel enough but she had mindset went right for his weapon. If she had been a man I believe he would have shot her.

    I guess it is just a natural reaction to grab your things but I would have left all that crap right where it was someone would have given it to me later.

    I do not know why some people stopped looked walked stopped looked. It was time to go and I mean right now.
    When the man started to spray paint the wall I guess they though it was show and tell? Something should have told them this does not smell right.

    I will give the security guard the benefit of the doubt. He shot the man in the leg, maybe do to his back stop and people being behind the target.

    I will say this again a wounded man can kill you. Even though this guy was hit he continued to shoot back so for all who say I just want to shoot them in the arm or leg think again.

    This could have been worst I am glad it was not.
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    David Codrea picked it up:


    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-n ... ple-counts

    Great article on the futility of gun control to stop criminals from killing or attempting to kill innocent people in a "Gun-Free Zone." I like to call them "Victim-Rich Environments."

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    http://www.examiner.com/gun-rights-in-n ... ple-counts

    Great article on the futility of gun control to stop criminals from killing or attempting to kill innocent people in a "Gun-Free Zone." I like to call them "Victim-Rich Environments."[/quote:2jxshmwt]

    One thing I find interesting in the quote about the school board policy is that it says anyone caught violating the policy will be "referred to law enforcement for possible criminal prosecution." It does not say they will be prosecuted for sure. It says "possible".
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    Yeah, that sure is a strange wording. I assume it would be up to the arresting officer to use his/her discretion on whether they wanted to arrest for the offense. Then it would be up to the DA to decide whether or not to charge him.

    I would guess you are at least getting arrested. Then the DA will decide whether to charge you or not. I guess if you get a really anti-gun DA, you're SOL.

    Another fact about the gunman in the article. He was a "prohibited person" so the law forbidding him to buy and be around a firearm didn't work, either.

    The guy was a “prohibited person,†forbidden by law to have a gun. I guess that law didn’t work, either…[/quote:2hheq5jz]

    Also, if the lady who whacked him with her purse had been armed, she could have put a well-aimed headshot right to the back of his head.

    From his facebook page, it also appears the guy was not a right-wing gun nut, either. He was a left-wing nutjob.
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    Interesting video, I work for a School system, in the County office. I have asked several administrators if we ever have SRO' (School Resourse Officer), in our School Board meeting. I was told, only when we expect a huge crowd, or controverial item on the agenda.
    This event should open the eyes of many school systems, and maybe even the Legislators, about allowing Permit holding gun owners to carry in these places.
    School Board meetings are OPEN door events, open to whoever wants to wonder in.
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    It is unclear from the story which broad if any was shot?

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    The video is on youtube, and the BG is appears to be unstable. It appears, and even said, he was going to die.
    I don't think anyone on the Board was injured.
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    I was wondering the same thing....

    I saw no broads shot....
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