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***pistol is sold*****for sale or trade gun is a 1956 that some knucklehead plated, no real collector value but excellent shooter and action. serial# 56xx 4 5/8" barrel

reloading supplies include a mix of .357, .45lc and .44mag
1700pcs of 158gr. swc for .357 from oregon trail
217pcs of 148grain flatnose lead for .38 special
85 pcs of .357brass
23 44mag brass
54pcs 45lc brass
350+ 250grain rn lead for .45colt
26pcs 225grain jhp for .45colt
2 9oz jugs of trailboss unopened

$300 for gun, $175 for reloading stuff, or $450 for everything, will no seperate reloading components and will not sell reloading components until gun sells. pick up at my house in jefferson only thanks
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