FL: Pepper spray sells out after rape reports

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    THis is really "no guns" in the news, but I was not sure it really belonged Off Topic.

    Pepper spray sells out at local stores after rape reports

    Alligator Contributing Writer

    Dozens of women have been lining up at hunting and athletic stores to stock up on what has recently become a popular item: pepper spray.

    Local merchants say sales of the irritating chemical used for self-defense have spiked as a result of the four recently reported rapes in Alachua County.

    "We'll always sell a couple," said Jen Davis, an employee at the M & C Army Surplus Store on Northwest 13th Street. "But we've sold about 100 since Tuesday."

    The store sold out of pepper spray and has ordered another shipment, which usually consists of about 50 cans. Prices for the product usually range from $10 to $40.

    The store has been left with a chemical foam spray and a few packages of a special type of pepper spray that can only be used by someone with a concealed weapons permit.

    For one UF nursing student, the recent sexual battery reports have been different from most, and the spray makes her feel safer.

    "There's a difference between being raped at a party and being raped at gunpoint," said Kristen Lewis, who was with her boyfriend at the surplus store to purchase spray. "I'm a full believer in protecting yourself," she said.

    Lewis said she's thinking about buying a gun but will need to wait until she can get a concealed weapons permit. The process to get the permit takes from three weeks to three months and costs about $120 total, said Reese Starowesky, another employee at the surplus store.

    "Rape attacks usually don't always get this much attention," Starowesky said. "I think it's a lot of a fear thing."

    He added that gun sales have not increased since the rape cases have been reported.

    Students have also been flocking to Sports Authority on Newberry Road for pepper spray, only to be disappointed.

    "It's a stocked item we normally carry," said Josh Brumenschenkel, a manager at Sports Authority. "We just sold out of it very quickly. In the last two days (demand has) been higher than normal, unfortunately."

    Pepper sprays work best when aimed at the eyes or at areas that have a lot of sweat glands, like the groin, but the effects of pepper spray can be inconsistent, Davis said.

    "There's some people it incapacitates, and there's some people it won't affect," he said. "You're still going to have to be able to defend yourself."

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    I can't read that study done by Hemenway but from what I have read about it and the way the statistics are presented from the sources he cited, he did not factor in rape for his results (or gangs, hate crimes, and burglaries) that show the states with higher gun ownership have higher murder rates.
    https://www.georgiapacking.org/forum/vie ... php?t=1629

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    The sad thing is that pepper spray is 49% more likely to be taken away and used on the victim. Sad...
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