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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by gtmatt, Jun 18, 2007.

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    This past Saturday I went with a guy from work to go shoot at the local police department range (open to the public 3rd Saturday each month). This was my first time at a shooting range, and my first time shooting a pistol other than a .22 one other time. I've been wanting to learn how to shoot and handle firearms, and my coworker was willing to help me out.

    I started out with his S&W Model 41 .22. This got me used to loading magazines, racking the slide, etc. I did pretty well with it (considering my inexperience), landing everything in the center area at 7 yards. After a while of that, I moved up to a Glock 34. Significantly different for me recoil-wise. I didn't do too bad with it, but I was less accurate for sure. My coworker is not a Glock fan, but he has it for competitions because he's got a shoulder problem and can't shoot his 1911 at the moment.

    A Glock 22 was the next thing to try, but my coworker had forgotten the ammo. I got to shoot about 40 rounds after he found a loaded magazine in his bag and got some .40 the range officer happened to have with him (I guess he was nice since I was a first-timer). A little less accurate with it than the 9mm, but it was a little harder to evaluate because of not having many rounds to shoot (and my arms were getting tired by this point).

    Finally I moved up to his S&W Series 70 1911. The .45 definitely kicks. I was not terribly accurate with it, hitting considerably lower than my aim. I guess I was pushing down unconsciously to counteract the anticipated recoil.

    I have to say I liked the feel of the S&Ws best. I guess metal just feels better than polymer to me. I'll be interested to try other guns and see how they feel. Definitely a fan of the 1911 trigger -- much better than the Glocks.

    BTW, the guy I was with does his own loads. I had three misfires, two with the Glocks (I think both in the 34) and one with the 1911. The guy expected the 1911 round to fail because of the way the case looked, apparently. I wonder what would have happened with factory ammo in everything. Actually, I think one of the Glock problems was a failure to feed. It worked the second try, though. Doesn't make me particularly trusting of Glocks, but I'll have to reserve judgment until more experience can be had.

    Just based on reading, I thought I might be interested in trying out the following: Beretta 96 and 90two (in .40), Browning Hi-Power (.40), and some other configurations of the 1911. Any comments on those from personal experience would be welcome. At this point I'm not thinking of a carry gun (is that allowed on :) ), as my wife would have a fit about that. First I have to succeed in actually getting something in the house, and in that vein I'm thinking a home defense weapon.

    Thought I'd share my first "real" pistol-shooting experience...

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    Good for you. There are lots of of different pistols out there for you to try; so, have at it.

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    I don't think you need to carry a gun to be a welcome member of this website. It's more about having the choice to carry... not about which decision you make.

    Too bad for you that you have probably been bitten by the bug. There are many ranges that rent handguns. Since you most likely have a good grasp on gun safety, I would check them out. Buy a few boxes of range ammo and they may let you use 4 or 5 without charging you the range fee for each. Try out a few revolvers too! You could always hit up the next GPDO range session... there is no shortage of firearms at those :shock:
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    Find a range that will let you rent handguns. Try as many as you can afford.

    If you feel the need, most nicer ranges will also offer classes. They'll teach you everything from the basics (the Four Rules, handling, etc) to more advanced techniques.

    Join GCO.. This organization will do more for your right to own a gun than anyone else, and all for the low low price of $15.

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    also is you can meet up with some folks from here most are very nice about sharing guns.

    speaking of which I have a few boxes of .223 left from saturday and don't own anything that shoots that so I need to borrow an AR 15 from someone.
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    I thought you were supposed to win the FNRA one? :wink:
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    Yeah, stay away from those evil plastic guns, they are no good! ;)

    If you want a cheapo but good metal one there's always the Stoeger (actually its a Beretta) Cougar for $300.