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    As many of you already know, Cheif Deputy Lee Weems of the Oconee County Sheriffs Office owns First Person Saftey and he offers training programs at various times of the year. Deputy Weems offered two classes on Saturday, August 18th. The first class was called Standing Your Ground and was taught by Lee himself. The Second class was called Civilian Defender Hemorrhage Arrest Course (HAC) and was taught by guest instructor Dr. Sherman A. House. I'm going to provide you a brief summary of both classes in this post.

    Standing Your Ground (SYG) was a three-hour class that covered much more than just the title indicates. The class covered several topics related to the use of deadly force that included a break down of what to expect should you ever be involved in a deadly force incident. Lee discussed the difference between traditional and affirmative defense, the steps law enforcement goes through when they become involved, the steps you may go through post-incident, and advice on how you should handle interaction with the police. Lee also discussed what you should expect to happen if you are arrested, and later charged. A breakdown of the elements (Ability, Opportunity, Jeopardy) required to justify the use of deadly force was presented, and the class had a very engaging discussion of all the topics above and several more. The class was a fantastic learning experience presented in a fun and interactive environment. Website references and suggested reading material was provided to class attendees for follow-on education. The data is near priceless, the cost of the class was crazy low. Do not miss it the next time it is offered!

    Dr. Sherman A. House provided a four-hour course, "designed to prepare the CIVILIAN DEFENDER to deal with the inevitable eventuality of stopping life-threatening bleeding." Dr. House provided links to the first aid kits he recommended prior to the class, but any kit with CAT tourniquets (TQ), H-Bandage, Compressed crinkle gauze, HyFin Chest Seals, and gloves would do. And as those of you that have attended prior First Person Saftey events would guess, there were spares on hand. Dr. House covered the elements you need to consider before during and after rendering critical first aid to stop bleeding and breathing issues caused by holes and punctures being in places they have no business being! (And other traumatic injury.) In a logical and easy to remember format we learned how, when, where, and why you use TQ's, wound packing, and pressure bandages, and chest seals. The class was interspersed with tales (Some seemingly from the crypt!) and real-life examples that were both sad and funny in a dark way. The class concluded with students paring up and practicing the techniques they were taught, and a written test! (Not hard if you paid attention!) This class was perfect for students like me who had no training using the aforementioned devices. Highly recommended and also highly affordable. Don't miss this class either if it gets offered again!

    So that's a little longer than I intended and if it was TLDR for you, just take both classes if you ever have the opportunity, they were fantastic! My thanks to Chief Deputy Weems and Dr. House for coming together to present this fabulous material at extremely affordable rates.
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    Where was this held? I don't recall it being mentioned here.

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    Thanks for the kind words. Dr. House and I will be doing another tag team on 10/7 with new presentations.

    The classes were in Oconee County. I'll be presenting Standing Your Ground on 9/15 at Adventure Outdoors.
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