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First OC experience

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I normally CC but today I had my shirt tucked in just right and I didn't want to bother with it so stuck my pistol and holster [1 in the chamber BTW] in the back of my jeans and walked into the cleaners on the corner of old HWY 41 and Roberts [behind Hooters]. I was having the flash sewn onto my new beret, she said it would take 30 min and to come back that she would have it ready. When I came back she asked me if I was military because of the beret plus, she saw my gun as I walked out. I told her that you don't have to be military to open carry only a permit and that she also doesn't need a permit if she owned the business [she was the owner]. She understood and said she was too scared to have a gun, she had her 2 children playing on the floor behind the counter. She went on to tell me that in Korea no one is allowed to carry guns in which I replied GOD BLESS AMERICA. I think all in all it was a good short discussion and she was probably relieved that it was a good guy walking into her store with a gun. Maybe she will feel more secure if she see me next time. Thanks for taking the time to read this...
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Malum Prohibitum said:
[quote="blind_shake":10c0cz4o]When I came back she asked me if I was military because of the beret...
Yeah, I did not think it was because you were a gay French poet.[/quote:10c0cz4o]

That makes one of us.... :lol:
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