First encounter--Lawrenceville PD (I think)

Discussion in 'LEO Encounters' started by martin_j001, Nov 24, 2010.

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    Had my first LEO encounter last night. Pulled over on Hwy 29 just west of downtown, officer was conveniently parked and checking speeds on folks exiting downtown area at about 11pm. Anyways, I pull over, car off, interior lights on, hands visible, to wait for the officer to approach. I was OC'ing my Ruger SR9c in a Fobus paddle at the time, and decided to inform the officer, officer Dao I think was his name, since I would have to reach around the gun to get to my wallet. He immediately thanked me for informing him and asked for my license, I told him it was in my wallet behind the gun and he said that's fine go ahead and get it. He went back to his car with only my drivers license and returned a few minutes later with my driving award (45 in a 25, doh!). I thanked him for his professional and curteous handling of my right to carry and having a weapon on me and was on my way. I will be sending a letter to thank the officer as well. He very much appreciated my thanking him too. A vey good, basically non-encounter. Now let's hope for no more traffic awards as we're headed to FL for the holiday, lol. :)
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    :goodpost: I look forward to the day that this is so common we get tired of seeing it. :righton:

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    The best way to make citizens give you money for doing nothing wrong.
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    Hwy 29 is a big U.S. highway.
    Why was the speed limit set so low-- 25 m.p.h. ?
    Maybe because this was near the Central Gwinnett High School?
    As if any school kids would be in or around the school at 11 p.m. anyway, right??? :screwy:
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    Nope, still a good bit away from there. He was just before the curve you take coming out of downtown L'ville, right near where 29 and 120 split. I'm sue it makes for a good speed trap area, as it goes from 25 to 40 right there. And yeah, there was literally one other car. Going through downtown with me at that point--I was definitely risking the safety of others. About three miles later, just after crossing Sugarloaf, I was passed by 2 cars that were going well above the 55 I was going.


    Whatever, I'll pay the fine or go to court and get points dropped and pay it then. Just glad the officer didn't see the need to ruin my night any further.
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    How close to the speed limit change was he clocking you?
    Edit: Never mind, I realized you were heading the other way (an increase in speed limit, not a reduction).
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    Except for that pesky state law thing.

    20+ over the limit is an issue in most locales.
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    I stopped by Wally World on Saturday, to donate to the "Toys for Tots" drive being run by the Marine Reservists. Georgia State Police were standing along with them. I'd never seen that before, but I suppose it was in response to the stabbing of the Marine the day before.

    As I approach the table, The uniformed GSP officers are talking to a fella who I was told later was an off duty officer. The guy in civilian clothes says to me: "Sir, do you know the hammer's back on your firearm"? Well you all know the discussion from there. I explained the safeties on the 1911. Meanwhile, it was all the uniformed officers could do to keep a straight face. Nobody asked another question of me.
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    Georgia State Patrol. Georgia doesn't have a state police.
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    Based on some previous conversations I've had, I wouldn't have expected anything different from Lawrenceville.
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    It was ~10:30pm or so, and I was the ONLY vehicle around (literally, I went through all the lights through downtown Lawrenceville by myself). It wasn't about safety. It was about a sign said you should do this, and we can fine you for what the sign says you weren't doing.

    Until you can't go to court and choose to simply pay your fine for having the ticket reduced to a non-moving violation so no points get passed on, speeding tickes won't be about safety. :righton:

    I've read mostly good things about encounters in and around Lawrenceville, was very glad this one went the same way. It was a :cantsay: evening for me for many reasons (ticket included), but at least the "encounter" didn't go the wrong way and make it even worse. :)