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    Trooper official relents on radio disclosures
    Saturday, May 05, 2007
    Star-Ledger Staff

    At the request of State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes, the head of a State Troopers union yesterday canceled his campaign to publicize the home addresses of radio personalities critical of the State Police, Fuentes' spokesman said yesterday.

    "I respect his request," said the union head, David Jones, president of the State Troopers Fraternal Association. "I'm in a position where the colonel asked me to do something as a supervisor and a friend, and I'm going to respect that."

    Jones is also the subject of a state Attorney General's Office review of his decision to hold a news conference Thursday at which he displayed the home address and other personal information about Craig Carton, a host of the "Jersey Guys" radio program on NJ 101.5 FM.

    Jones had promised to reveal the same information about Carton's co-host, Ray Rossi, and other 101.5 executives starting today, but he scrapped those plans after meeting with Fuentes at State Police headquarters in West Trenton yesterday.

    "Col. Fuentes asked President Jones not to release any personal information on any 101.5 staff," said State Police spokesman Capt. Al Della Fave. "President Jones agreed to comply with the request."

    Jones is retaliating against Carton and Rossi for reporting about anonymous postings on a password-protected troopers association Web site that encouraged troopers to harass motorists with a "ticket blitz" in May.

    Officials of the station denounced the maneuver as "intimidation," and asked for a formal attorney general's review of Jones' actions.

    "The Office of State Police Affairs is reviewing yesterday's incident," said David Wald, spokesman for Attorney General Stuart Rabner. "The attorney general knows about the controversy and we have to review it and see what happened here."

    Jones had little comment on the review.

    "Anyone who makes an allegation against the division, whether it has merit or not, is noted and it is investigated," he said. "This is the normal procedure."

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    If their addresses are public information then I see no problem.

    Now would it be stupid? hell yes.

    The union guy is just trying to retaliate because his people got caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


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    I see a problem with it. What would be the purpose in government singling out those critical of it and publicizing their home addresses? The implicit message is that the critics should be harrassed at their homes. It serves no legitimate government purpose.
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