Firearms Stolen In Robbery

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by EJR914, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. EJR914

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    Just got a call from my father-in law. His house was broken into tonight while they were out of town for work, guns, jewelery and other expensive items were stolen. I believe they are in Newton or Walton County, good bit out into country as well. They are right on the line.

    They even somehow got into his safe, don't know how they got into it at the moment. Don't know exactly how many guns are gone right now. I know he owns at least a few dozen or so guns.

    He's a Marine. They just better be glad they broke in while he was away from his house. They also have an alarm that I believed was tripped during the robbery.

    Just a heads up. Don't know what could have been done to stop this. I guess just be on the lookout in your neighborhoods and keep a look out for your neighbors and make sure they are doing the same for you.

    It appears he did everything right and they still got a lot of guns, ect.

    Times are rough, things are getting bad.
  2. martin_j001

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    I hate hearing stuff like this. :( I hate thieving scum even more. :evil:

  3. The Math Teacher

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    Me too!
  4. mountainpass

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    EJR914 I hate hearing about this.

    On a side note find out about how they got in the safe. Did they pry the door?....was it bolted to the floor?....What brand?....Pictures of the safe.

    Also did he have the serial numbers written down. It might help if you posted those numbers and descriptions.
  5. mountainman444

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    I agree. To both statements.
  6. EJR914

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    No, I don't believe he had serial numbers written down. :evil: I can't believe he didn't, but I guess he never thought anybody would get into his safe, either.

    I haven't gone over there, yet, but it appears the safe had been pryed open. Yes, it was bound to the floor. I can't remember the brand of the safe, but when I get over there next time I'll definitely doubt check. Yeah, I'll snap some photos of the safe when I get over there.

    I know he had a lot of nice pistols and rifles. I know he had a 30-30 rifle in there with a scope, I've shot it once before. He also has a .22 Walther with the national turkey federation written on the side of it... I've shot that one as well. I'm seen into his safe and he had a lot of rifles and shotguns in there. He also had an LCP, a six-shooter, and he owned a cheaper 1911.

    He should be flying in from being out of town this morning. I'm sure I can get a list of guns stolen from him. I don't think he had the serial numbers and he always buys guns from a individual, so he may not have any 4473. I can't believe he didn't write down serial numbers.

    Guys, if you're reading this... Go right down your serial numbers and keep them in a safe place right now. Its just not smart to not have them written down.
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    Good idea. Always a good idea to keep record of serial numbers date purchased, date sold, who you bought it from, and who you sold it to. That's what I do.

    It's a shame that stuff like this happens. I'd be curious to know how they got into the safe. I don't have one. Wish I did, but I can't see how anyone could break into one of those safes without the combo. Numerous bolts holding that door closed, you can't pry that!