Firearms Legislation in the 109th Congress

Discussion in 'In the News' started by GeorgiaGlocker, May 26, 2006.

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    I have just been reading all of the firearm legislation that is pending in the 109th Congress on the Gun Owners of America website. I had no idea there where so many. Some of the bills are good ones, but many are not. Some examples are:

    HR 3594 (Rothman) This bill would essentially force the states to require that police ask questions about and seize firearms in every case of suspected domestic violence.

    HR 4363 (Andrews) Would require FFL's to conduct iris scans of all firearm purchases.

    HR 3450 (Castle, McCarthy, Kirk, Shays) This most recent bill to regulate and effectively, prohibit gun shows. Among other things, a gun show promoter who failed to notify every gun show attendee of his responsibilities under the Brady Law could go to prison for five years.

    SB 620 (Feinstein) This bill would reinstate the ban on semiautomatic firearms and magazines.

    The Brady Bunch is alive and well.
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    It's not just the brady bunch. I tried for almost a year to get my Rino-Rep to co-sponsor H.R. 1703.

    Just wasted my time and money!

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    I think the iris scan one is so strange it is funny.