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55-Guns Stolen at Lilburn Pawn Shop
Kevin Rowson Reports

Fifty-five more guns are on the streets after a violent pawn shop robbery in Lilburn. The owner of Mr. Pawn, on Lawrenceville Highway, was held at gunpoint while two masked men cleaned out a gun cabinet in the store.

Police are hoping to find the bandit's getaway vehicle from a description the pawn shop owner gave them.

Around 11 a.m. Wednesday, two men armed with handguns, and their faces covered with bandanas, stormed into Mr. Pawn. They didn't take any money. Police believe they had only one thing in mind to steal, guns.

"They were in a cabinet, and the one suspect broke the cabinet glass out and raked them in with his arm into the bag they carried in," said Jeff Kinney, Lilburn Police Detective.

The gunmen made off with 55 guns. Fifty-three of them were handguns. One pump-action shotgun and an AR-15 assault rifle were also stolen.

Detective Kinney was asked where the guns would most likely end up. "I hate to say it, but on the street somewhere," he said. He added "I can't imagine anybody needing 55-guns for their personal use."

Kinney said the suspects pulled right up to the curb in front of the pawn shop in a red, or maroon S.U.V. As they fled the scene, the owner was quick enough to get a glance at a tag on the vehicle. It was a dealer drive-out tag with an expiration date of "12-05-06." The tag was traced to Lara Auto Sales, Inc. in Gainesville.

Lilburn police are hoping someone sees the tag or the vehicle before the guns get sold on the street.

The pawn shop contacted the ATF. All the serial numbers for the weapons have been entered into a national crime database.

Lilburn police are asking anyone with information about the robbery or the vehicle to contact them at 770-921-2211.
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