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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by MyFred, Jan 20, 2011.

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    I carry lots of different ways. Warm weather is usually lazy conceal wif a tee shirt pulled over a P228 in a Blackhawk Serpa. Cold weather is the same except wif the tee shirt tucked in wif a flannel shirt and long coat. I am concerned about weapon retention. I have tried to remove my gun like maybe someone else if they were trying to take it from me and it seems to be pretty secure. I try to maintain SA as much as possible. When I lazy conceal or OC, what can I do to help make sure that no one takes my gun. I'm not a big bruiser nor any longer capable of physical altercations. I'm 62 years old and in the last few years have lost a lot as far as physical abilities. Today I changed the oil in my truck wif one arm. Even though my SA my be good, what's to stop a bad guy or two from seeing my gun, following me and trying to take it. I can't just assume they are malicious because they are following me. They can jump me at the last minute before I have any chance of using my only means of self defense. Has anyone else here ever felt this??? What is a good thing to do???
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    If it is your arms/shoulders that are the problem then you should find someone who can teach you some LaSavate. It is all foot/leg work with very little arm involvement. It has several very interesting moves for people coming from the back or side.

    If it is a combination of arms/leg and back then judo would work well for close in work. It uses the attackers energy against them with very little actual use or motion on your part.

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    If you feel you're about to lose your weapon in a gun grab attempt, then pull your backup gun. Hopefully, by the time they figure out how to operate your weapon, you'll have ended the threat.

    "Backup guns save lives"
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    Usually if someone sees something on you they want they will come from behind and order you to the ground and then take whatever it is they wanted. Sad but true.
  5. MyFred

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    I think I'll investigate this LaSavate thingy since the legs still work. I did some Judo as a youngster and it helped me through the years to show a few goons that just because a guy is small dosen't mean he's a push over.... :D Damn it sucks getting old...however...I really didn't think I ever would get this far... :)
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    To quote retired police officer and gun-writer Evan Marshall, a gun grab is a homicide in progress. Act accordingly and do what it takes to stop the threat.
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    If you're worried about it, conceal the gun more. They can't take what they can't see. Carrying a gun is serious business and you should take whatever steps are necessary to prevent it's loss to another. For some that OC or lazily conceal, that means being able to fend off an attack and have an increased awareness of your surroundings.