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As you know, the General Assembly has mandated figerprints for renewal applicants. They have also mandated an instant NICS check. Some counties are claiming that the wait for the fingerprint based background checks exceeds the statutory 60 day time limit and therefore the licenses must be issued late. We have exposed many of these claims to be outright lies. But let us assume the truth of the claim for purposes of this thread. For renewal applicants, they have already been fingerprinted five years previously. The NICS check will reveal any updated information on an instantaneous basis.

What possible justification can there be for waiting for the fingerprint based report?

In the case before the Court of Appeals right now, the judge argued her fear of somebody with false i.d. obtaining a firearms license. In the case of a renewal, however, the person already has a firearms license. In addition, that person is entitled to a temporary renewal license with no background check whatsoever (even the NICS check).

So what justification is there for waiting on any fingerprint based report?

I patiently await your responses.
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