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  1. atlsrt44

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    Currently my office is using a proximity badge system from medieval times as far as I can tell. Unfortunately we cant program any new cards with it because the system wont communicate so...
    I was wondering if anyone has any experience with the fingerprint scanning locks. I've only dealt with them once many years ago and it was crap.
    Are they reliable now?
    Can they be used on an exterior door?
    Will dust and debris affect them?
  2. a_springfield

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    I have to clock in with a fingerprint at work. I can use un-enrolled fingers to clock in when the enrolled fingers will not scan properly :screwy: . A pass code is better IMHO

  3. mountainman444

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    That's not a very secure system. Seems to defeat the purpose doesn't it?
  4. a_springfield

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    The system is just to keep people from clocking in for others, but it is a pain in the ...
  5. Aberk

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    We had fingerprint readers in our old building. I never really cared for them at first, but there is something to say about not having to remember a badge. If you walk in with a handful of stuff, you have to put it down to scan your finger, but with a badge you can get your pocket close to the scanner and get in.

    The new office has card readers and I miss the fingerprint readers.

    Can't comment on the performance though. I used to install them back in college for a commercial/industrial security company, but that was 6-7 years ago. I do remember the installers all saying they were garbage, but 6-7 years is a long time to fix any problems.