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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by S&W 40, Feb 2, 2007.

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    Does anyone know of a way for a private citizen to track down stolen weapons? I had several rifles and a shotgun stolen 10-12 years ago in Clarksville TN, filed a police report never heard anything and have since finally forgot about them. Is there a way I could contact the GBI, ATF or whoever (whom?)? They may not have been recovered in that local area if at all.

    Before anyone says 10 years good luck, I do realize if they had been found any length of time back they most likely have been destroyed or sold depending on the location of recovery and year. Just wondering, may help someone else that has also been a victim more recently.
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    10 years ago, the serial numbers, if you had them, were entered into NCIC, and, if the guns were not recovered, they will still show as stolen. I would start by contacting the investiagtive agency that took the report, since they are the ones that enter it into computer. It will be easier if you have the report number.

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    You Have Moved

    I think that the normal procedure is that when a stolen gun is recovered by police, the cops in the jurisdiction where the gun was stolen from try to notify the owner at the last known address and phone number. That's usually the address and phone number (if any) as it appeared on the original incident report from 12 years ago!

    If the original owner cannot be easily located this way, the gun is not going to be returned. Rather, it will be used as evidence to prosecute the person who was found possessing it, or, if not needed for that, disposed of as according to state law. Some states may treat such a weapon as unclaimed property or surplus property to be auctioned-off, but other places would probably require that the weapon be destroyed.

    It would be a good idea to give the agency that took the report your current contact info, and keep them up-to-date on that until you either get the guns back or just don't care anymore.
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    MP, GS,

    Thanks for the info, I had forgot (??) long ago and did not ever really think I could get them back. I just started thinking I would like to find out if they had ever been recovered even if I do not get them.

    I do not have the police report but I do still have my registration from a prior military assignment with at least two of the SN. I might try the local sheriff office just for the heck of it to see if anything has ever happened with them.

    I thought it would also be nice for others if they have had someting like this in the more recent past to help them.

    Again Thanks