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Quicken for the individual, Quickbooks for a small business.

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Will Quicken allow investments, including passive, e.g. a small rental real estate business, or would one still want Quickbooks for that?

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From Quicken help about your questions;
Investment categories
Category Type Tax Description
_DivInc Income Tax Dividend
_DivInc TaxFree Income Tax Tax-Free Dividend
_IntInc Income Tax Investment Interest Inc
_IntInc TaxFree Income Tax Tax-Free Inv Interest Inc
_LT CapGnDst Income Tax Long Term Cap Gain Dist
_MT CapGnDst Income Tax Medium Term Cap Gain Dist (used during the 1997 tax year)
_RlzdGain Income Tax Realized Gain/Loss
_ST CapGnDst Income Tax Short Term Cap Gain Dist
_UnrlzdGain Income Unrealized Gain/Loss
_Accrued Int Expense Tax Accrued Interest
_IntExp Expense Tax Investment Interest Exp
Business categories
Category Type Tax Description
Consulting Income Tax Consulting Income
Gr Sales Income Tax Gross Sales
Services Income Tax Service Income
Ads Expense Tax Advertising
Bad Debt Expense Tax Bad Debt Expense
Car Expense Tax Car & Truck
Commission Expense Tax Commissions
Discounts Expense Tax Discount Expense
Dues and Subscriptions Expense Tax Dues and Subscriptions Expense
Insurance, Bus Expense Tax Insurance (not health)
Int Paid Expense Tax Interest Paid
L&P Fees Expense Tax Legal & Prof. Fees
Late Fees Expense Tax Late Payment Fees
Licenses and Permits Expense Tax Licenses and Permits Expense
Meals & Entertainment Expense Tax Meals & Entertainment
Miscellaneous, Bus Expense Tax Misc, Business Expense
Office Expense Tax Office Expenses
Postage and Delivery Expense Tax Postage and Delivery Expense
Printing and Reproduction Expense Tax Printing and Repro. Expense
Rent on Equip Expense Tax Rent-Vehicle,mach,equip
Rent Paid Expense Tax Rent Paid
Repairs Expense Tax Repairs
Returns Expense Tax Returns & Allowances
Supplies, Bus Expense Tax Supplies
Tax, Business Expense Tax Taxes & Licenses
Fed Expense Sub Federal Tax
Local Expense Sub Local Tax
Property Expense Sub Property Tax
State Expense Sub State Tax
Telephone, Bus Expense Tax Telephone Expense
Travel Expense Tax Travel Expenses
Utilities, Bus Expense Tax Water, Gas, Electric
Wages Expense Tax Wages & Job Credits
Rental & Royalty categories
Category Type Tax Description
Rents Received Income Tax Rents Received
Royalties Received Income Tax Royalties Received
Rental Expenses Expense Tax Rental Expenses
Advertising Expense Tax Rental Advertising
Auto and Travel Expense Tax Auto and Travel
Cleaning and Maintenance Expense Tax Cleaning and Maintenance
Commissions Expense Tax Rental Commissions
Insurance Expense Tax Rental Insurance
Legal-Prof. Fees Expense Tax Legal & Prof. Fees
Management Fees Expense Tax Management Fees
Mortgage Interest Expense Expense Tax Mortgage Interest Expense
Other Interest Expense Expense Tax Other Interest Expense
Repairs Expense Tax Rental Repairs
Supplies Expense Tax Rental Supplies
Taxes Expense Tax Rental Taxes
Utilities Expense Tax Water, Gas, Electric
Other Expenses Expense Tax Other Expenses
Association Dues Expense Tax Homeowners Association Dues

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Quickbooks is what I use in my real estate dealings and in my holster making business. Something you may want to check into is this It comes with a COA for real estate investments and helps to keep your books right. He is also a tax attorney.
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