Finally, justice dispensed to crooked cop

Discussion in 'In the News' started by mzmtg, Sep 28, 2007.

  1. mzmtg

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    36 ... _fined_25/

    Yeah, that all sounds about right :roll:
  2. Macktee

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    In similar circumstances, wouldn't we all expect the same treatment?

    Afterall, it was a "tragic accident" rather than the direct result of breaking the law by disregarding a traffic control device. It could happen to anyone. A shame, but nothing the cop could have done would have prevented the kid's death.

    I'm sure anyone would be treated exactly the same by the DA..


  3. SigP229

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    We'd be made examples of!!!! That's just unbelievable....$25???
  4. NTA

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    Did I read that right ? He had a record of speeding tickets (104mph) and a dwi and still got hired as a cop ? Something else about him must have made him a good catch for the dept.
  5. Tinkerhell

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    Ehhh. I'm not going to make a call on this one. The guy was 31. That's 15 years of driving record. 4 speeding tickets in that time isn't a big deal. Did he get em all between 16 & 22 like a great many of the rest of us?? The only question I have is the purported speeds of the officers. I do agree that a 21 & 30 mph speed seems a bit low to result in so nasty of an accident but if the people didn't/couldn't get out of the way (meaning they probably weren't very observant as they should have been able to avoid a 30 mph car) and got pinned between the car & a wall then I certainly can see this happening. I didn't see the damage to the cars & the building/wall that the guy ran into. If the bumper of the car is crushed back till it's in the backseat or the car was driven through the wall to the read tires then I claim BS they were going faster & might have been negligent. I would hope and expect that sort of info was taken into account by the investigation and the evidence supported the claimed speeds.

    Tragic sounds like the right word to me.