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Finally got some grips for my Colt.

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I got rid of the Hogue wrap around grips on my 1911 and got some cocobolo grips for it! Only took over a year. I think it completely changes the look of the firearm.

This was it before.
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very nice, are those esmeralda's?

heres a sneak peak at what i have had done to my new colt combat elite.

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Nice! Thanks, I actually got them from They were only 40 bucks but I think they look nice.
You did good!!!!! Your Colt looks soooooooooooooooooooo much better with those grips. My :2cents: , any finger groove grips on a 1911 look un-natural. A Freak of Nature! :shock: If you want a gun with with finger grooves.................just shoot a 3rd Gen. Glock.
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