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    Hi Everyone!
    New here, (to the board) new here (to Georgia)
    Gotta gun itch... I like em' born and raised in SoCal never had a firearm other than a .22 rifle prior to living here in Ga. my younger brother is a LEO with the LAPD but I never really gave protection a thought (beyond what I could physically handle) until I saw what happened in N.O.
    Anyway, gotta 9mm and being a guy I like things that are fast or loud or , well, hell combination of both is really cool.
    So... my question is , how hard is it to get an FFL?
    I'm a stay at home Dad at the moment, and since I've kinda got this firearm bug I thought maybe I'd work it out of the house between changing diapers and pull-ups.
    I'm in a residential neighborhood and I would prefer that my neighbors be unaware of what I'm doing. Ya know, Soccer Moms get a little upset at Baby Brittney wielding a 1911.
    Is zoning a serious issue?
    I'm planning on a big safe, for my own use as well. Safety won't be an issue...I've got kids.
    well? how about it.. any thoughts?
    Do I put my "jumping thru hoops shoes" on?
    what are my chances?
    Thanks everybody in advance!
  2. Malum Prohibitum

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    I am sure someone will chime in with some links, but the ATF has made it harder for dealers to operate without storefront in the last decade or so.

  3. Mike from Philly

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    I looked into it a couple of years ago. In Cobb, running a business out of your house is a no-no. I beleive one of the forms the ATF have you get signed is one from the County Government stating that the zoning allows for the operation of a business. My violation issue was "inventory storage" which is not allowed.

    If your house is zoned so you can operate a business and keep inventory, then you'll have no problem getting a license. That issue seems to be the gate keeper.

    BTW - Being a FFL is not all glamor and fancy guns. You have lots of risk (legal compliance with ATF's stupid arse rules) and operate in a limited market. You may want to see if you like the business by working part time at a gun store.
  4. flyin929

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    I thank you both for taking the time to answer my question.
    So, (not that I would) getting on welfare is probably easier than doing a start-up business from home. I appreciate your thoughts on the subject.
    Bob C