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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by workky, Oct 8, 2010.

  1. workky

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    Im very new here,so forgive me if i post this in the wrong section
    I have a few questions.
    How many members here are actually LEO?,im just curious if LEO's read all these post.
    If I am pulled over,and show the officer a valid carry permit,why should they hassle me?I am a law abiding citizen
    I have dealt with LEO's before,selling ,trading,ect.Every one i tend to meet is a gun nut,loves guns,loves talking about guns.
    I was told from someone who trains police officers to qaulify that i shoot more than they do,why?and i really dont shoot that much
    again,im sorry if this is posted in the wrong place
  2. GAGunOwner

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    The vast majority of LEOs that post here get this. The ones that don't post here are the ones you've got to worry about.

  3. GAGunOwner

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    There are many posters here who are, or were in, LE. I suspect there are many more that don't make it known but that read and/or post here.
  4. GAGunOwner

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    You've been lucky. I can assure you that many LEOs are not "gun nuts."
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    Not a LEO myself but there are quite a few current and former LEO's on the board.
    If you are pulled over in Georgia you have no reason to show them your carry permit.
    As for you shooting more than LEO's I'll tell you this, in the past 2 months I've shot more practice rounds out of 1 on my guns than I was required to shoot in my 12 years in the military to maintain proficiency which is the amount of rounds the vast majority of the people I served with served with shot in that same time period. The firearm is only one tool and a small part of being a LEO or in the military. That the public perception is of an armed police force and military doesn't change that the vast majority of those who serve in either will never discharge a weapon outside of training and/or qualification shoots. The percentage of people in the military or LE that are "gun nuts" (for lack of a less offensive term) is about the same as for the average public or just slightly higher.
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    i disagree...down here in south GA you will get detained for over an hour put in handcuffs etc then youll be on your way after they ask 1 million question....Dont ask dont tell works for the military and it works for real life too
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    :righton: +1000
  8. workky

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    I think i used the wrong word when i used "gun nuts"
    My interpetation of that word just means a person who likes ,talks guns.
    I met a fine Gwinnett officer who was this way,we must have talked 45minutes
  9. GAGunOwner

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    You've been lucky. I can assure you that many LEOs don't really like guns, or talk guns all that much.
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