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If you think it's right and proper that anybody convicted of a felony crime lose their Second Amendment rights for life, consider how many minor crimes can be prosecuted as felonies.

Today on I was reading about a woman, Jessica Hall, who tossed a McDonald's cup with ice cubes in it at a car that she says cut her off in traffic. Anywhere else, such as on the street, this would be misdemeanor assault, or battery, or some such minor offense.

But because it involved throwing a "missle" at a "motor vehicle" it became a felony with up to 5 years in prison as the punishment! (Virginia law). The law that was intended to punish teen-age punks who would drop bricks and rocks on cars going 55 mph on the highway has been used for a fistful of pea-sized ice nuggets.

Georgia recently made "election fraud" a felony. So if you fill-out an absentee ballot and mail it in, saying that you expect to be absent from the State on election day, but you are actually just too lazy to go to the polls on election day, you are a felon. Not only will you lose the right to vote, but all your other rights. At least your right to vote will be automatically restored after a certain period of time. Gun rights never come back without special approval of the Board of Pardons and Paroles.
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