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Fed pay freeze, a lie or a slight twist of the truth?

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Once again Obama says a lot and delivers nothing. Fed employees will still receive automatic "step" raises based on pay grade as frequent as every year. What they will not receive is the annual economic increase which is tied to Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA). The COLA calculation was zero this year.

According to OPM, new employees can expect to receive a step increase every year, mid-level employees every two years, and senior employees every three years. Step increases can range from $728.00 for a GS 3 to $3,321.00 for a GS 15. Grade increases can range from $2,214.00 for a GS 1 to GS 2 to $14,931.00 for a GS 14 to GS 15. These numbers represent the ‘base’ amount for federal pay. The government gives a percentage increase for different areas of the country to reflect local variations in cost of living.
Even more importantly, the freeze would probably have happened anyway. Increases in federal pay and government assistance are calculated based on rising prices and higher costs. In October, the Social Security Administration (SSA) announced there would be no automatic COLA increase for the 58 million Americans receiving Social Security benefits.

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So, basically, all Federal workers will experience a freeze in pay except for those who get raises. Nice.
Sounds like its frozen as much as it can be without Congress getting involved. What did people expect?
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