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I grew up on a farm, and can attest to it being dangerous:

1. My dad's only sibling (brother) was killed when a tractor rolled over on him.
2. My grandpa lost his left arm completely, got it caught in a manure spreader wheel, spent several hours trapped before a neighbor spotted him out in the field.
3. Lost a classmate in 7th grade, tractor rolled over on him.
4. Guy who ended up being a buddy, lost a younger brother, got caught in the tractor PTO shaft.
5. My mom had her leg chewed up on a silage auger.
6. Had a brother had his knee chewed up on an auger as well.
7. I got stuck just above my eye, in the socket with a pitchfork, when I was about 6. Scared the crapped out of me.
8. Me again, got my arm chewed up pretty good with a chain saw, cutting brush. (I was pushing the tree over the fence), older brother running the saw.

Also, lots of neighbor's getting hurt as well.
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