Family of slain teen says off-duty officer should have given

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    If you can't watch it right now, basically an off-duty police officer was approached by at least one armed teenager that wanted to take the officer's car. The result was a dead teen with 4 bullet holes. Dead teens family says the officer should have just given up his car to the armed criminal instead of defending himself against an armed criminal.

    The on-scene reporter says that it was a carjacking gone wrong. Depends, in dealing with an armed criminal who can say that the death of the criminal was not the best outcome of the carjacking for the victim (the off-duty officer)? How was the victim of the carjacking supposed to know that the armed criminal would not harm him even if he gave up the keys?

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    It gets better:

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    The kid's family's mentality is unbelievable!

    Yep, let him have the car, don't try to defend yourself and your property; don't think that just because you work hard for a living, pay taxes, and are able to buy a car that it's actually yours. It belongs to whoever can forceably take it from you. Darn, don't we all know the rules of our modern society. I guess his family had to set us straight!

    Oh, and if he happens to shoot you in the process, oh well, you probably shouldn't have been out that night anyway - it's your fault, because had you not been there the kid won't have had a victim to prey upon.

    Dog-gone-it - I'd better right down these rules so I don't become an enabler to some poor wayward child who only wants the finer things in life.
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    I think the best possible outcome did occur. One more criminal off the street. Off-duty cop with his life, saftey and property in hand. :lol:

    What more could you ask for?
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    It's the fault of society. In a just and fair society, the taxpayers would have given the kid a car so he wouldn't have lost his life attempting to steal one. Oh, the unfairness of it all! If only we had done the right thing for this poor, unfortunate child.

    As a result of that cop's reckless disregard for the sanctity of human life, several children probably lost their father!

    I've got to stop typing now. I can no longer see my keyboard due to all the tears...
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    Not a huge surprise about the family’s reaction seems to be par for course these days. I’m pleased to see this little perp won’t be carjacking anyone else… He got exactly what he deserved.

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    As Boortz would say, that predator is DRT!

    Dead, Right There!


    The parents should be held responsible for raising such a puke.