Fake cop! Real criminal.

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    I especially like this part

    accuses Terry of scamming a 56-year-old bus driver out of $120,000 in $15,000 increments between July and November 2005. Terry, using his law enforcement background to bolster his argument, convinced the man that he was being victimized in a credit card scam should hand the cash over to Terry for safekeeping, prosecutors said.

    It sure helped him that some people are idiots.
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    His attorney, George Dazzo, said Terry is in remission from leukemia, and described him as an "amiable, nice, easygoing 24-year-old man."

    Hey! If his attorney says it, it must be true... Consequently, I for one am willing to believe him the guy is amiable..... amiable enough to rape, rob and burn cats. Sounds like a nice, clean cut, all-American young man.

    So, lock his ass up until it's all saggy, wrinkled and droopy.....! What a scumbag!