FAA warns of GPS outages during military tests

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    more at the above link

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    Nothing to see here. They are just testing some anti drone hardware. It seems that .gov has gotten really really scared of someone doing unto them as they have been doing unto others for the last couple of decades. There are other forms of precision navigation that are much much harder to jam. It's only a matter of time before some bright young bad guy figures out how to put it onto a weaponized airborne platform.

    Look on the bright side. At least the Navy let folks know BEFORE they ran the test this time.

    They have quite the recent history for testing things without notice and scaring the living bejesus out of millions of people in the process. Some of those people are not ordinary civilians either. Some of them are actually folks who's job it is is to be the national coordinators and monitors of certain stuff. They were most displeased by the unannounced testing and the inadequacy & tardiness of the Navy's response to inquiries after the fact. Considering the systems being tested at that time and the possible implications of that testing it could be construed a criminal negligence that they did not follow established policies and protocols for communicating the testing to the public and the proper authorities. That nothing happened to those folks running the test indicates that maybe someone was running a separate and much wider scale test to see what the reaction and timescales would be for a massive and hellishly complex and expensive infrastructure the government has maintained for over 50 years. Orrr.... it could be that that infrastructure failed so miserably that no one wants to admit it and commit career suicide for being responsible for the whole fiasco. If I were to bet I'd pick the later explanation. The real answer is classified well beyond the realm of credulity to protect all the guilty parties involved.

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    +1 on what CoolHand said. GPS tests/etc that result in degraded performance are pretty common and to the average layperson, you would never notice.