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Discussion in 'Training' started by Crawdaddyjc, Jun 22, 2016.

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    Sorry if this has been covered or if posted in the wrong section. If so; please move as necessary.

    I was reading an article online about eye dominance and hand dominance. I did the little test that it explained which eye i was dominant in. It turns out that i am left eye and right hand dominant. After reading that and some of the issues that can be caused by that combo- i grabbed my (unloaded) edc and practiced some quick unholstering and ads. i found that i naturally try to use my right eye to ads and have a tougher time trying to line the sights up. If i go a little slower and go to my dominant left eye i am able to get my sight picture quicker. Under pressure i dont know what my natural reaction would be and that makes me worry.

    The reason i put this thread in "training" is: is there a way that i can get more proficient in right eye to ads or should i focus on staying left eye and using my natural dominant eye? Is there any specific training i should seek out or can research that will help me?

    I never really paid attention to left or right eye until i read that article and i started thinking about it and realized that with a weapon shouldered i use right eye and maybe thats why i automatically go to right eye when i ads with my edc. Once I try to get my sight picture i switch to my left eye. It maybe takes a millisecond but i do it unknowingly.

    If anyone has this issue or knows if it really is an issue or just me overthinking; please let me know. Next time i go to the range i am going to focus on my eye dominance and see how it really affects ads and accuracy.

    Thanks for any feedback and guidance.
  2. Nemo

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    I have wondered-- would a patch and basically forcing yourself to use the other eye make any difference in eye dominance?


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    I'm cross dominate and just through lots of practice I can draw and aim with my left eye fairly easy. I can tell if I don't dry fire much, cause I'll try to aim with my right eye. It really only affects you of you shoot with both eyes open. I taught myself to shoot rifles left handed.
  4. AzB

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    I was left hand/right eye dominant. I went with a different solution and started practicing shooting right handed. Now I can shoot with both hands well, and am actually slightly better right handed.

    It's a good skill to be able to shoot with either hand, even with a rifle.

  5. ber950

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    Me too. I am Left handed and right eye dominate and shoot right handed, but I now have a new problem the astigmatism in my right eye is far worse. Thinking of trying left handed for long range rifle.
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    I'm right handed and left eye dominant. My left eye has astigmatism... now I have been trying to learn how to be right eye dominant. Half the time when I draw, I'm not sure which my brain is gonna choose... LOL!
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    Best way I know of to over come cross dominant hand/eye is to eliminate the bulls eye on the target. I teach my classes on blank 9'' paper plates. Nothing but the blank plate to aim at. If you take one and hold it up to your chest you can see why this type of target works for defensive shooting. If you are shooting for score close the non dom eye and take careful aim with your dom eye. Otherwise use both eyes on blank targets. This helps teach you point shooting as well. Don't get too hung up on the bulls eye since in a defensive situation you will not have the time it will take to take aim.
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    I am right eye dominate, but ever since I can remember, I've always shouldered a rifle (whether it was pretend, a toy, or real) on my left shoulder. Trying to shoot a long gun from my right just feels weird and awkward. I also shoot pool left-handed, and I kick with my left foot too. However, I play the guitar right-handed. And, while I practice firing my handgun with both hands, I carry it on my right side. I liked the double gun rigs when playing cowboys as a kid (who wouldn't want two guns instead of one), but I don't remember wishing I had a single left-handed holster over a right-handed one.
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    this is actually a good idea... not to mention a lot cheaper than traditional targets. and could possibly make cookouts with those pesky in-laws a lot more interesting
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    Interesting feedback here! Thanks everyone! Im like redraif- dont know which eye the brain will choose. I want to work on my right eye to be more dominate at least for ads. I like the eliminating the bullseye approach.when practicing with targets and taking my time i can right eye it but like i mentioned in a stressful situation where defense is required im afraid my eyes and brain will have a miss-communication, therefore placing me at a disadvantage. But... Now that i know i am left eye dominate- i can embrace it and practice practice practice until i automatically go left and there is no chance for hesitation.
    Thanks for the feedback!
  11. RedDawnTheMusical

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    So is Clint Eastwood. That is why you see him shoot pistols right handed and rifles left handed.
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    I have never tried shooting my rifle left handed. I think it would be weird! But if its good enough for clint eastwood- its good enough for me! Get off my lawn!