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Expired in Dekalb need to renew in Gwinnett, question

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Hey guys, its been a while since ive been here. I had a dekalb license expire a couple years ago and now live in gwinnett. If I cant find my dekalb license what do I need to bring?

Edit: I just found my expired dekalb license! Now what do I bring? :)

Thanks all
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If it expired a couple of years ago, you can not renew. It will be a new application.
A Weapons Carry License is good for 5 years no matter where you might move to. It costs between $75 and $84 for new licenses, $30 to $34 for renewal licenses. (As noted you are not eligible to renew). A Weapons Carry License covers open and concealed carry of handguns and knifes with a blade of 5 inches or longer and made for offense and defense. The Weapons Carry License also exempts a firearm buyer from a NICS background check.

Applications for the WCL are submitted at and issued by the County Probate Court in your county of residence. Documents required are Photo ID and Proof of Residency (a Georgia Drivers License usually covers both requirements, but it may not so check before you go). Call your County Probate Court to find out what they will accept.

The application is provided to you at the probate court and you must fill out while there.
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All my other half needed in Gwinnett a couple of years ago was a drivers license showing her address.
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