Experience with guns = a factor in murder?

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Jul 1, 2016.

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    link needs search terms which I could not deduce to get to the referenced article

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    is that like a blog for lawyers or something?
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    I'm rather experienced with pistols, and once I nearly had an accidental discharge. Fortunately, even if it my pistol had fired, it was pointed in a safe direction. I don't believe experience should be a factor in determining guilt. The actual situation should be examined.
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    It reads like an old Massad Ayoob column. Don't dutch load your magazines (alternating hollow points and FMJs). Don't use any idiotically marketed Sooper Bloodthirsty Killer ammo like "racist" black talons or that G2RIP(off) crap. Don't make any mods to your carry gun because that just means you were itching to use it to gun down some poor kid turning his life around.

    At the end of the day it's all emotionally based B.S. that some shyster has, can, and will use to try and hang you with in front of 12 folks who may or may not have sense to pour pee out a boot with pictogram instructions painted on the bottom.

    You can live your life in mortal fear of every little thing like this or you can sit back and develop a well reasoned logical way justifying your behavior, reactions and equipment and enjoy life.

    I carry hollow points because they are the same bullets the police carry. They offer the fastest rates of incapacitation to a threat, the least over penetration that could endanger innocent bystanders, and they have better quality control and accuracy over practice grade bulk ball ammo. I can come up with other well reasoned explanations for using a precision manufactured lighter crisper drop in trigger in a carry pistol or night sights just as quickly. You should be able to share insights like this with your attorney should the need arise so he can make any DA who wants to grandstand with National Enquirer type BS theories look like a Big Foot chasing UFO's kidnapped Elvis conspiracy believing nut job if ever the need arose.